Route 17 Market Open Tuesday-Friday 10-5. Saturday 10-4. Closed Sunday & Monday

Dried Sausage

Charcuterie, cured meats and dried sausage sticks made by Four Quarters Meats. Ready to eat snacking sticks from the original Dry Pepperoni to Lap Cheong, 4Q's riff on the traditional Chinese sausage made from duck and pork flavoured with 5-spice.

  • Beef Pepperoni
  • Bison Pepperoni
  • Cacciatore
  • Dry Hungarian
  • Dry Pepperoni
  • Habanero Chorizo
  • Landjager
  • Lap Cheong
  • Lemon Fennel
  • Longboat
  • Orange Coriander
  • Saucisson Fumé
  • Spanish Chorizo
  • Truffle Herb
  • Venison Landjager
  • Water Buffalo Pepperoni

Drop us a line (or pay us a visit) to inquire about today's availability. 

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